I’ve always had a title. From the first grade through two years of college, I was a basketball player, with a short stint as a soccer player. Then, for the next ten years I was a rugby player. After a too many trips to the emergency room and after watching my then girlfriend (now my wife) race in a triathlon I became a triathlete. By default make me a swimmer, cyclist and a…….runner.

I have always been a dog person. I’ve had the chance to experience some really cool dogs in my life. Our first family dog, Rodger. Lizzie was our wild black lab. My first introduction to the wonderful breed of golden retrievers was Muffin, and my first golden, Hank. Along the way I’ve gotten to know some of the most amazing dogs, Nikita, Crash, Jacks, Jo, Reign and of course the inspiration to my business, Josie.

I’ve been very fortunate in my life to combine my passions, dogs and running.

Our system was developed with my Golden Retriever, Josie, in mind. My dog is a brat, she doesn’t heel, she barely sits on command and she doesn’t understand negative splits. When she sees my running shoes she wants to go, go, go. I wanted a hands free leash that is tough and durable. I wanted a hands free leash that would stand up to Josie taking a left turn after a squirrel, while I was taking a right turn. We borrowed technology from the climbing world to make a system that would keep Josie attached to me no matter what. We made the system light, durable and functional. We added a pouch for the ever important poop bags and a cell phone. We also added the ability to carry water on hot days.

I hope you and your dog enjoy our hands free dog leash.

Happy running.
Jeff Lutton and Josie the Golden Retriever