The Cardio Canine Human Harness and Dog Leash System is designed for ADULT USE ONLY!!

Only use this product for RUNNING or WALKING with proper stable footwear.

Using this product is not allowed during bad weather that may cause hazardous conditions and this product is not to be used with any other item like rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, bicycles, and things of that nature, only RUNNING and WALKING.

This is a Human Harness and Dog Leash System not intended for uses like climbing or any other activity other than RUNNING and WALKING.

Cardio Canine LLC strongly recommends that if you have health issues that you please seek a Doctor's Approval before using this product.

As with any leash lead be careful when approaching streets.

With a product like this comes certain expectations that we believe as a buyer you should be made aware of.  Dogs are animals that cannot understand human language, even though some may feel that their pets do talk to them, most have a mind of their own.  With this in mind it is your responsibility to come to a conclusion whether this product is right for you. Here are some guidelines and comments that you should take into consideration.

The weight and size of yourself versus your dog or multiple dogs.  If you are a smaller person and have relatively big dogs that you cannot control just with a regular leash than this product is not for you. If you can regularly control your one dog or two dogs with a regular leash than this product will work just fine.

If your dogs are unusually un-obedient than this product may not be for you as again you may not be able to control your dogs if they do not listen to your commands.  If you have a dog that is receptive to your commands and listens to you than this product will work just fine.

Again, it is your responsibility to come to a conclusion whether this product is right for you.

Our design has a few safety features that help to minimize such instances as above. They are:
Each System comes equipped with a quick release snap that will release the leashes upon pulling the quick release snap. This ensures that your dog can be unattached if needed.

When using two dogs the leash system is set up so that both leash leads and handles are directly in front of you for better control. This ensures that you are directly handling each dog individually versus together like most other leash lead systems that have one leash lead and a few extensions attached to two dogs near their collars from the one leash lead.

It is very IMPORTANT is to read and train your dog to use the Cardio Canine according to the Cardio Canine Training Guide that accompanies every purchase of the Cardio Canine System.

Running and walking involve motion. Please be aware of your surroundings and of your movements so you maintain control and stay balanced throughout your activity of running or walking.

When using The CARDIO CANINE Human Harness and Leash System beware of the following:

Wildlife that can spook or encourage your animal to chase it.

Other dogs that can get your dogs attention.

Movements of the dog. Dogs can sometimes just stop suddenly in front of you, watch for this and any other sudden movements that your dog may take.

Your physical condition and health. We know this product encourages a healthy lifestyle and we encourage you to use it to better your physical condition. Just beware of and monitor your health so you do not overextend yourself with to much physical exercise causing you to become too tired to handle your dog.

Beware of the distance from you to your dog either in front or on the side of you as to not let the dog get too near people that do not want to get near your dog, to not let the dog cross streets with keeping this distance factor in mind, and to not allow your animal to be put in harms way in any other means because you were not paying attention to where and how far your dog was from you.

Using this system to run or walk is your responsibility and should be done on a responsible basis.

Limitation of Liability:
Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, will Cardio Canine LLC, its employees or affiliated companies be liable for any claims, special or consequential damages, costs or cause of action that result from the use of, or the inability to use, or that you may in the future have as a result of injuries or damage sustained or incurred from the use of the Cardio Canine Human Harness and Dog Leash System or any products or services even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. In no event shall the total liability to you by Cardio Canine LLC or any of its affiliated companies or any of its or their respective licensors or suppliers for all damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) exceed the amount paid by you to Cardio Canine LLC, if any, for accessing the Cardio Canine LLC website for products.