This is the ultimate running leash. I've tried other products because I was looking to save money and they all fell short of what I needed. This is a heavy duty piece of equipment that fits comfortable and allows me to run with my dog hands free.

What can I say... Your system has been the ONLY one out there that can handle my 2, overly excited, 120 lbs Rhodesian Ridgebacks! Wow, what a spectacular leash system. This is the only hands free system I will ever use. The design and feel of this system makes it a breeze to use. I give this product a four paw stamp of approval! Trust me this is the only system you will ever need for WALKS & RUNS! I should know, I've tried 3 other different Running-Leash types and there is no comparison.

I am very impressed with the quality of the product; it is exceptional. The belt width is especially nice in that, if my dogs pull, the wide width distributes the force so it's comfortable. I often put both dogs on leash and am also impressed at how they don't get tangled. The design is ingenious!

I have been using the Cardio Canine for almost 4 years now with my two Border Collies. I use the two leash set up and absolutely love it. I have no back problems, am more in control of my dogs and having my hands free to run properly makes the difference between running with and running without my dogs. I have tried many different 'around the waist' dog leashes and this one is far superior. I can see this lasting for many more years. The quality is superior to any other product out there and the customer service is phenomenal. If you have dogs, and you walk or run with them, this is a must have product.

I purchased the Cardio Canine in January 2007. I was interested in it because I wanted an effective tool to use when running with my dogs. It works great and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys running and has a dog that they would like to bring along. I purchased dog harnesses shortly after because I found that the dogs would tire quickly because of the pulling on their collars. This adjustment only improved my experience. Most people would not need the harnesses as they are only needed if you plan to run with the dog. One concern some people may have is that they may feel they will not be able to control their dog is they allow them to pull. This is not true as the dogs focus entirely on the running in a pack mentality and do not get easily distracted by objects, animals, people, etc. I have had up to four dogs attached at one time and believe me that it is a great experience for all. The dogs go crazy when they see me grabbing their harnesses and head straight for the door. Highly recommend it and would love others to enjoy it so I won't be the only one that gets the strange looks from people when they pass by.

Sorry for the long note but you can tell I am a fan of the product and feel it is great investment.  Actually have had the dogs hooked up to me while I wheel a running stroller for my son so that tells you that they do not get out of control like some people may believe.

I won't run with my crazy dog, Addie the Border Collie, without the Cardio Canine. It allows my hands to have their normal range of motion and the leash attached to my waist helps me keep my balance. Even when Addie sees a squirrel, and pulls to one side I can still stay in control.

I LOVE MY CARDIO CANINE!!!  Seriously I run with my dog Thunder all the time with it.  We run in the Petroglyphs by my house and he loves it too!  I've attached a picture of me and thunder on a run and I am pretty sure you can see the smile on his face too. Thank you for a fantastic product.

I run four to six miles almost everyday with my two year old, German Shorthair Pointer in the hills of Los Gatos, California.  We both love the freedom of the Cardio Canine leash system.  I like having both of my arms free to move, especially while going uphill, and also, for balance when coming downhill.  My dog seems to like her freedom too, as she rarely pulls when she is on this leash compared to other leashes.  Having the pocket is useful for my car keys, kleenex, and dog bags.  Finally, I like how durable the Cardio Canine is, made with high quality materials, and I appreciate all the thought that went into the design.  The Cardio Canine leash has made my life easier and our runs far more enjoyable.

I love the Cardio Canine.  I was finding that my shoulder would hurt and my form would be off when I jogged with my dog on a leash.  Leaving my dog home was not an option as she is my constant motivation to keep moving.  I heard about waist belts just by word of mouth so I did a little research and found a couple on the internet.  After reading about all of them, I decided on the Cardio Canine primarily because it was padded versus just a strap that could rub on my skin.  It took me awhile to decide as the cost was making me second guess my choice but I finally decided to go for it and I am very glad I did.  I have since purchased a second one in a larger size one for summer when I wear very light weight clothing and one for winter where I'm bundled up and bit thicker around the waist!  I no longer have shoulder problems and since it is around my core. I have more stability with less deviations in my jogging form.  The accessories are great too the pocket is great for holding keys and plastic sacks and the water bottle is just the right size.  I would rate the construction quality of this product as an A+.  I'm planning on getting another dog this summer and am looking forward to trying it with two dogs.  I recommended it to one of my friends and she uses it with her two golden retrievers and finds she has better control of them with it and that they pull less with it.  She did have to buy a coupler as she found it easier to have them both on the same side of her.  Great product - I would highly recommend it!

I originally purchased the Cardio Canine hands free system when I acquired a bouncy boxer/bulldog mix shortly after having shoulder surgery.  This 85 pound monster was a shelter dog without much in the way of leash manners.  I love the strength and sturdy construction compared to other hands free leash products.  I am also a runner, so I was looking to invest in something I would use long term after my rehab.  The Cardio Canine has been the best pet related purchase I've made in a long time.  I now run with my big guy, Malone, by my side, and have added the second leash for his sister, Zoe!  If only it would tire them out!

My wife bought me your product for my Birthday of course she said it was a present from our dog Ripley. Ripley and I have been running together since he was 1 with a standard leash. Just before he turned 2, we took the Cardio Canine go for a test run and never looked back! The hands free running is GREAT and there is nothing better than knowing that no matter how obedient Ripley is, I will NEVER have to second guess his occasional need to TRY and chase after a rabbit or squirrel no the other side of the road with on coming traffic! Ripley is now 3 and he and I are in great shape! The cardio canine doesn. t chafe or interfere with my running in any way and it holds baggies for the road! I fully endorse this product and so does my running partner.

I bought it for my husband Matt who LOVES it!  It's the only way he can run with our 2 dogs and 2 year old daughter. Before the Cardio Canine he had to choose between the dogs or the baby and when that happened no one was happy. We are very happy with our Cardio Canine.

Using my Cardio Canine lets me and my dogs get a workout at the same time. It's a great time saver and my dogs always enjoy our runs together.

I bought my Cardio Canine early in 2007 and am very happy to give it my strongest endorsement.  As an engineer, I'm quite particular about product-design in many things that I buy.  And I'm extremely impressed with how this product is both designed and manufactured.  A lot more thought obviously went into it than most people would ever expect from a pet product....and it all translates into a user-friendly product which is made to last a long, long time. It's been quite a while since I've been as impressed with a purchase; this one simply exceeded my expectations. I was tempted to buy a cheaper product but am very glad I chose the cardio canine. I would recommend the cardio canine without reservation (PS....I initially ordered the wrong size and the exchange process was completely hassle-free and prompt).